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Accessing the API

There are multiple methods for accessing the Microsoft DeepDev API. In this guide, we will show some of the most common methods.


Authentication is done using the Authorization HTTP header and the value must be Bearer <API key>. For more information on how to get your API key, see Generate API key.

From Postman

Under the Authorization tab, select Bearer Token as the Type and paste your API key into the Token text box.

From cUrl

Set the Authorization header with the value Bearer <API key>

Example: curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <API key>" ...

From API playground

After generating an API key, you can access the Microsoft DeepDev API documentation under the API tab on the website, which also acts as a playground.

Navigate to the Authentication section, and paste the API key into the HTTP Bearer field.

Then, click the SET button to ensure that the API key is used for subsequent API operations.

Using Python

Set the Authorization header with Bearer <API key> in your HTTP request

Example with requests library:

import requests

requests.get("", headers={"Authorization": "Bearer <API key>"})

Determining endpoint URL

The full URL path can be composed from the server base path and the endpoint route, seen in the title of every endpoint on the API documentation page.

Example: or

Endpoint path parameters

As our API follows the RESTful design, most endpoints accept path parameters. Make sure to include those in your request URL.

Using the API endpoints

Now that you are authenticated, you can access the API endpoints. For each endpoint, after filling out the appropriate parameters you can send the request by pressing the TRY button at the bottom of the expanded endpoint container.