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State of the art deep learning models for software engineering tasks

Welcome to the Microsoft DeepDev Preview

Powerful & Efficient

Our team of applied scientists at Microsoft are collaborating with Microsoft research labs around the world to create state-of-the-art deep learning models that are not only powerful but also fast and efficient.


On Microsoft DeepDev, you have access to our latest deep learning models that have been fine-tuned by specifically to understand and power software engineering tasks. Those models are trained on a vast collection of open-source data as well as Microsoft internal data.


Our library of models is constant growing and improving. We invest heavily into making better and faster models. Make sure to keep an eye on our progress.

What is Microsoft DeepDev?

Microsoft DeepDev is an automated platform for sharing some of our latest and most bleeding edge deep learning models aimed at software engineering tasks. On Microsoft DeepDev, you can query and experiment with our library of models.


Featured Models

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